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Srem Folk Fest
Vuka Karadžića 10
22000 Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia

General information on the town of Sremska Mitrovica

sremska mitrovica

Sremska Mitrovica is situated in Serbia, 75 km west from Belgrade, on the left bank of the river Sava. The town is an administrative and economy center of the region Srem, and its population is about 80.000 people.

Sremska Mitrovica is one of the oldest towns in Europe, with nearly 7000 years of life at the same place. From the military fortification in the 1st; century, formed by Romans and named after the settlement from the period of Alexander the Great – Sirmium, this town became the birth place of a number of remarkable Roman emperors and the capital of Panonia. By the end of the 3rd century it became one of the new capitals of the Roman Empire.

In the Medieval Ages many nations, Franks, Slavs, Bulgarians, Byzantines, and Ugrians were fighting for the glory of the town. At the beginning of the 14th; century the old name of the town was changed into Civitas Sancti Demetrii, after the martyr Demetrius, executed in Sirmium at the beginning of the 4th century. This name when translated into old Slavic, and then into Serbian became Mitrovica. From the name Sirmium, Slavic word Srem was formed, after which the whole region was named, so finally the town became Sremska Mitrovica.

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(srpski) Posetio sam festival i mogu reći da sam oduševljen. Sve je bilo na vrhunskom nivou. Vidimo se sledeće godine"

Zoran Mirković


“Srem Folk Fest 2018″ achieved a record number of visitors and a record number of participants – 18 ensembles from 13 countries, with over 600 performers


“Srem Folk Fest” is an international parade festival of folklore which takes place every year in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, from 11 to 15 of August. The founder and organizer of the Festival is the Cultural Centre Sirmiumart.

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